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  • Our client, a retired police officer, was riding his motorcycle home from dinner one night. He saw headlights coming toward him that looked to be in his lane. A few seconds later, it was clear the other driver was drifting into his lane and would surely hit him. He steered off the road and was thrown from his motorcycle. The other driver left the scene, possibly not realizing they'd caused him to crash. Luckily he had slowed down considerably when he first saw the headlights and he did not sustain significant injuries. His insurance company didn't believe his story and thought he had crashed by himself. They didn't offer a dime. When we became involved, we forcefully explained the insurance company didn't have any evidence, other than our client's word. They came to their senses and resolved the case for $33,000.
  • $4,250,000 Auto Accident Settlement
  • Our two clients were teenaged cousins. They were driving home from a friend's house one night when another friend pulled up beside them. This was a two lane road, so their friend was in the oncoming lane of traffic. The friend lost control and struck our client's vehicle, causing them to go off the road. The insurance company claimed the crash was half our client's fault and therefore offered half of a lowball offer. We proved this was incorrect and their driver wasn't telling the truth. We ultimately resolved the two cases for $125,000 and $150,000.
    $125,000 and $150,000
  • Our client, an elderly man, had numerous pre-existing medical conditions, one of which was multiple sclerosis -- an extremely complex disease. He was t-boned by a lawn care company vehicle and spent three days in the hospital. His family and he explained his multiple sclerosis symptoms had worsened considerably since the crash. Due to the complexity of the progression of this disease, the insurance company refused to acknowledge this truth. We interviewed numerous family members and friends and detailed every change in our client's condition. We hired one of the best multiple sclerosis research doctors in the country to examine our client to determine if he believed the accident caused the worsening of his disease. The doctor agreed with us and we ultimately resolved the case for $775,000.
  • Our client Jenise, was hit by a company vehicle while sitting at a stoplight. She was taken via ambulance to the hospital where an MRI revealed a disc injury to her neck. She tried conservative treatment measures such as injections and physical therapy, but none of it worked. She underwent neck surgery to repair the injury. The insurance company was hung up on her having a similar injury a few years prior and undergoing similar treatment. They claimed this crash either only made that injury a bit worse or didn't make it worse at all. They basically accused her of lying that this crash caused her need for surgery. We explained this wasn't the case and we'd allow a jury to decide the outcome. The insurance company then offered to resolve the case for $950,000.
  • Our client, Jenny, sustained a fractured hip and a large scar from the resulting surgery. The insurance company of the other vehicle offered her $95,000 which barely covered her medical bills. After she retained our firm, the case was resolved for $500,000.
  • Our client, Stacy, was riding in the back of a pickup truck on her way to a float trip. They had departed the float trip company's shop and were being transported to the river. A bus driver transporting dozens of floaters for another company decided they weren't driving fast enough and passed them. The bus driver pulled back into their lane too soon and side-swiped them. The bus then left the scene. Our client sustained back and neck injuries for which she underwent steroid injections, physical therapy, and chiropractic care. The bus driver's company refused to pay a dime. We discovered the bus driver did not have a license, but the company owner still allowed him to drive. The case was ultimately resolved for $500,000.
  • $2,500,000 Truck Accident Settlement
  • Our client, James, was riding his Harley Davidson down a familiar country road when he came upon a vehicle traveling 30 mph in a 50 mph zone. He was patient and traveled behind the driver for a few minutes before deciding the person was not going to speed up. He had a straight section of road to pass when the vehicle in front of him moved over into the passing lane, side-swiping Patrick. We'll never know if this was purposeful or an accident since the driver left the scene. James's own motorcycle insurance refused to pay a dime for his injuries, medical bills, or pain and suffering. Once our firm became involved, they changed their tune. We resolved James's case for $500,000.
  • Our client, one of the kindest women we've ever met, was a struggling single mother. She was a front-seat passenger on her way home from work. Her driver looked down too long while looking at the car radio and drove off the road. She was taken immediately to the hospital by ambulance and sustained lower back injuries and endured numerous painful lumbar injections to reduce her pain. $400,000 settlement.