Accidents involving pedestrians are on the rise throughout the nation. These devastating accidents often leave victims unable to work and fighting to regain some sense of normalcy after severe injuries.Nebraska Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Beck & Beck
It is extremely important to have an attorney that will investigate all angles of possible insurance coverage. There are often multiple insurance companies which may be required to compensate you. Without properly investigating each possible form of insurance coverage, you could be leaving a lot of money in the pockets of the insurance company. 

Most people think only the insurance company of driver is responsible for compensating the injured pedestrian. This often isn’t the case. These are the various possible avenues of insurance coverage that must be investigated: The driver’s insurance, the insurance on the vehicle if the driver didn’t own it, your own auto insurance and the auto insurance of any relatives in your household. 

Too often, these additional forms of compensation are overlooked, resulting in a much lower case result than is fair.


If you were struck by a vehicle, you may be entitled to significant compensation for your medical bills, injuries, lost wages and pain and suffering. Unfortunately, recovering compensation is more difficult than it should be. If auto insurance companies were fair, there would be many fewer auto accident attorneys. Auto accident law is complex and complicated. The more significant your injuries, the more important it is to have a professional on your team to ensure everything is handled properly. The nightmare scenario is when someone resolves their case without an attorney, only to find out all their medical bills weren’t included and the hospitals’ collection agencies start garnishing wages or seeking reimbursement. With Beck & Beck on your side, we’ll level the playing field and ensure your case is handled properly, so you don’t have to worry. 

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