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  • $950K Auto Accident Settlement
  • $2.5M Auto Accident Settlement
  • $625K Auto Accident Settlement
  • Our driver was on a windy country road when another vehicle came around a corner and drifted into his lane. The road was not very wide and his options were to have a head-on collision or drive off the road. He chose to go off the road and hit a small tree. The other vehicle left the scene. His own insurance company refused to pay a dime. After we were hired, the insurance company quickly changed its tune and offered our client $125,000.
  • Our client, an older lady, was one of the nicest people I'd ever met. She had recently been laid off by her employer and she was having trouble finding work. Her finances were getting tight. Things got worse when she was struck by another driver and sustained an injury to her hand. She was a waitress and was unable to continue that occupation due to her hand pain. The other driver didn't have auto insurance, so we made an insurance claim with her own company, resulting in a settlement of $100,000.
  • Our client went to pick up his young daughter from a friend's house late at night. 'She wasn't ready for her first sleepover just yet' he told me. On his way there, he crested a hill and a cow was in the roadway. He didn't have time to avoid it and broadsided it. He was in a small pickup truck and wasn't wearing a seatbelt. He sustained neck and hand injuries. The owner of the cow alerted his farm insurance company and we resolved our client's case for $300,000.
  • Our client, a middle-aged mother, was struck by a drunk driver at 2 pm. She underwent various types of non-invasive medical treatments and made a full recovery within nine months. Her case was ultimately resolved for $200,000.
  • Our client, a young janitor at a local high school, was struck by a FedEx truck while stopped at a light. He didn't go to the hospital for a few weeks, as he'd hoped his back would get better on its own. He underwent chiropractic treatment and pain management treatment before making a full recovery. Luckily, he did not need surgery to repair his back. We resolved his case for $160,000.
  • Our client, Jon, was struck by a drunk driver that didn't have auto insurance. Jon was referred to us by a friend that told him to just call for a free consultation and see if there is anything we can do. We explained that his own auto insurance was responsible for compensating him when another driver causes a crash and doesn't have auto insurance. Jon endured months of physical therapy and chiropractic treatment. We forced his own auto insurance company to compensate him and he was awarded $180,000.
  • Our client was a passenger in his sister's vehicle when she reached for her phone and drove off the road. Our client was mentally handicapped, and his condition worsened after the injuries he sustained. His sister didn't have a driver's license or auto insurance, so their family thought they would be responsible for his medical bills. We explained that his father's auto insurance would cover him in this type of situation. We ultimately recovered $305,000 which was life-changing for our client and his family.