Beck & Beck has resolved thousands of vehicle accident cases. Uber and Lyft have caused an interesting new dynamic to auto accident law. Unlike taxis, Lyft and Uber drivers often carry their own auto insurance, in addition to the coverage provided by their company. This personal coverage may be responsible for compensating you in addition to the insurance policy provided by the company. Uber and Lyft include significant insurance policies, but in many accidents, it is not enough to fairly compensate the injured person.Nebraska Rideshare Accident Lawyer Beck & Beck
Like any car accident, an accident caused by a Lyft or Uber driver should not be taken lightly. The insurance companies that cover these drivers are just as cutthroat as other auto insurance companies. They have one goal… resolve your case for as little as possible. 

What should you know about Lyft and Uber Accidents

As you know, these are major companies. Their teams of lawyers, crash investigators and adjusters have one goal while defending accident cases – resolving your case for as little money as they can. It all boils down to being corporate bullies. They’ve done their homework and they know how to get the best result for their company… and it isn’t to be fair to you. They aren’t afraid of you. Their lawyers, investigators and adjusters defend auto accident cases every day, it’s their job, and it saves their company untold millions each year. Is it fair? No! But if they were fair, there wouldn’t be lots of auto accident attorneys representing injured victims. 

Lyft and Uber Driver Safety

These drivers are all too often in a rush to drop off their customer in order to find another rider. This is how they make money. The sooner they drop you off, the sooner they can pick up another ride. They don’t make more money if your ride takes longer, the rate is set when you order. This incentivizes the drivers to deliver you to your destination as quickly as possible, in order to pick up the next rider and make more money. Unfortunately, this also leads to unsafe driving practices, which leads to more crashes. These drivers often work long hours and drive on unfamiliar areas, relying on their phone’s GPS to provide turn by turn directions. The drivers are looking over at their GPS all the time. These factors combined, lead to inattention and accidents. 

Will Lyft or Uber Pay My Bills?

After an accident, people often believe their medical bills, pain and suffering and lost wages will be fairly assessed and paid by the at-fault driver’s insurance company. Unfortunately that isn’t the case. A case against a rideshare company is just as difficult and complex as a case against a non-rideshare company. The added complexity is that you’re taking on the representatives of a multi-billion dollar company. These companies hire extremely talented people who are skilled at getting you to resolve your case for much less than you should. 

Uber and Lyft Won’t Pay Your Bills Until Your Case Is Resolved

One of the tricks these insurance companies use is refusing to pay your bills until a settlement is reached and you’ve signed the paperwork closing your case. They use the medical bills hanging over your head as leverage to get you to settle quickly for well under fair value. Often they’ll give you a lowball offer that pays your bills and an extra few hundred dollars on top of it. You’d be surprised how many people jump at the chance to get the medical bills paid and forgo any payment for their injuries, pain and suffering and lost wages. Don’t fall into the trap. Medical bills are negotiable after an accident and a skilled attorney can often get them paid off for a fraction of the amount the hospital wants. An experienced attorney has dealt with such matters thousands of times in their careers.
A mistake you shouldn’t make is believing Uber and Lyft will be fair to someone without legal experience. They know you aren’t experienced in car accident law, so they aren’t afraid of you. These are huge companies and their profits come before the well-being of injured passengers. If you need us, we’re here to help.

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